H-1B documents needed

H-1B: list of information and documentation needed to begin

From Employer:

  • federal E.I.N. number (on file for pre-existing clients)
  • physical as well as mailing address (we have on pre-existing clients)
  • documentation on the nature of the business; e.g., website, brochures or PR folder prepared for prospective clients, annual report if publicly held
  • current number of employees
  • gross annual income
  • net annual income (N/A if privately held)
  • detailed job description
  • proposed salary

From Prospective Employee:

Re qualifications for the position:

  • copy of related academic degree(s), transcripts of study if degree subject not apparent on face or if studies supplement degree
  • any other relevant credentials such as certificates for special training or licenses
  • resume aka curriculum vitae

Re Status:

  • copy of passport i.d. page
  • copy of visa page(s) in passport
  • copy of current I-94 card

Re student in F-1 status:

  • copy of I-20 i.d.
  • copy of EAD card for OPT

Re person in H-1B status for another employer:

  • copy of all prior I-797 approval notices (to establish balance of time to CIS)
  • copy of current paystub or other proof of current H-1B employment thru filing date [NOTE:  for “portability” to new employer prior employment must be maintained until the date CIS receives (thus no quitting or giving notice until we receive our I-797 receipt notice as a practical matter) our petition for the new employer; for any extension of H-1B the prospective new employee must maintain his or her current H-1B status by continuing to work for his or her current H-1B employer until we are able to file w CIS for change to the new employer]
  • Personal Info (besides dob, country of citizenship as available on copies of passport, visa and I-94 etc):
  • social security number
  • province or state and town, as applicable, of birth; and country of birth if different from citizenship
  • names of spouse or children, if any, their citizenship and copies of their I-94 cards
  • residential address in the U.S.  (if not already on resume provided per above)