I-94 vs. I-797 approval notice’s H-1B term dates

IMPORTANT NOTE: The dates of admission on the I-94 received after entry from abroad can often differ from the dates of on an I-797 approval notice for an H-1B term. Therefore, it is essential after every entry to check an I-94 against the I-797 approval. Always access online at the CBP’s website and playout an electronic I-94 as soon as available within the few days after entry. The I-94 determines the dates of H-1B work authorization if cut off sooner than the I-797’s term. Filing for H-1B extension may be necessary to remain in status and work authorized. On the other hand, if an I-94 extends beyond the I-797’s term these extra (usually 10) days are NOT work authorized. They are merely courtesy time to depart the US after the end of an H-1B term.

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